Rock Park's Principles

In carrying out our projects, Rock Park adheres to several key principles of execution:


With an analytical approach toward problem solving, we cater our methods to our customers’ needs. In order to facilitate a unique, tailored solution, it is vital that we understand how the products we create will be used, and what our clients perceive to be the potential challenges to and opportunities for success. Centered on creativity and grounded in reality, our methodology leads to solid, actionable results.


We combine experience and lessons learned from the field with best practices and an evidence-base that draws upon peer-reviewed scientific data and findings. From scenario development to consequence projections to emergency plans, our outputs are founded in scientific methods.


Our work is not a job to be delivered, but a contribution toward the force for reduced risk, enhanced preparedness, and increased resilience. We are passionate about contributing to the field of emergency management and take pride in our work.


We deliver excellence—on every project, for every client. Our customers commend our quality support and our superior products. Our commitment to quality results in polished products that can immediately be implemented, shared, and replicated.